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Waiver and Release

I hereby consent to allow my child to  participate in Precision Step Team classes, rehearsals, practices, events, and trips held at and by The Bolden Academy.  I am fully aware of and appreciate the risk of injury, as well as other damages and losses associated with participation in all related activities.  I hereby and forever release The Bolden Academy, owners, instructors, and volunteers from all liability for any and all damages and injuries suffered or contracted as a result of participation in classes and activities at The Bolden Academy.

I, the undersigned, have read this waiver/release and understand all of its terms.

I, the undersigned, parent/guardian authorize The Bolden Academy and/or its representative to use any photograph of my child (or myself) for any purpose, including publicity, choreographic archives, promotional materials and/or any other reason deemed appropriate by the owner of The Bolden Academy.

After signing, click the register now button.  It will take you to the payment page for Precision Step Team.  If you are new to the team, please make sure you complete the initial regisration and fee.  If you would like to pay quarter installments, please pay via PayPal -

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